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A Star Like You

The new experience of Buying the Best Roses in the World wholesale

Welcome to “A Star like You,” a blog dedicated to bringing the exceptional world of the best Ecuadorian roses you closer to you.  

Picture this: It is around midday and you feel the warmth of sunlight bathing your skin. You close your eyes to enjoy the sensation, because a cool, gentle gust of wind prevents the heat for becoming overwhelming. You open your eyes and see the quintessential volcano in front of you, a perfect cone towering on horizon covered by snow. However, the snow is not all white, the Cotopaxi volcano in front of you is active and you see a constant plume of ash coming out of the crater.

This little imagination exercise illustrates one of the main reasons why Ecuadorian Roses are the best roses in the world. Because Ecuador is on the equatorial line, our roses receive more hours of daylight than anywhere else in the world. This, combined with the high altitude and rich volcanic soils, means that the flowers take longer to develop, but do so in style, with long stems, reaching up to five feet tall, large buds and blooms that cannot fit in your hand, with bright and varied colors and longer vase life than roses from any other country.

But, producing the best roses in the world cannot be reduced to just a matter of geography, it would be a disservice to all the talented people who work in this industry, and it would be false. Because in order to grow roses so beautiful you need constant innovation, you need expertise and experience, you need passion but, above all, you need to fulfil the promise of absolute quality for people for whom perfection is the standard. In other words, you, our dear client.  

That is why since last year we have embarked on an exciting journey of growth in order to better fulfill your needs. We became part of the Fortaleza Corporation, unifying three sister companies dedicated to agro-industrial production in Cotopaxi province. Since then, our passion for quality and the relentless pursuit of excellence have become our unmistakable hallmark. We also added 10 new ha to our farm allowing us to produce even more roses and new varieties. Our catalog now includes 140+ standard varieties in addition to 80 spray roses and a unique tinted roses collection.

To reflect all these changes and growth we’ve developed the concept of “A Star like you” because we travel the world looking for people like you, stars like you, who shine in the firmament of excellence, who inspire others to reach new heights. And we are always there, in those moments of joy, celebration, quality and luxury. We are Star Roses and we have the pleasure of being a Star like you.