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Explore Summer 2024’s Flower Trends: Exclusive Insights into Star Roses’ Innovative Rose Varieties

As the 2024 summer season approaches, flower wholesalers are presented with the unique opportunity to dazzle their clientele with a vibrant palette that reflects the latest trends. Star Roses proudly introduces its meticulously curated collection, designed to capture the essence of summer with hues that resonate with contemporary preferences and timeless elegance. Summer vibes Our … Read more

Top 5 Rose varieties for Mother’s Day

As Mother’s Day approaches, flower wholesalers and florists seek exceptional rose varieties for their clients. In this season of appreciation and love, presenting a bouquet that stands out is paramount. Here are the top 5 rose varieties that are sure to make Mother’s Day special. 1. Ally Rose Variety The Ally rose is a standout … Read more

Ecuadorian Black Roses

There is something special about Black Roses, they are often seen as symbols of mystery, intrigue, and elegance. They can represent the unknown or the allure of something beyond ordinary understanding. Black roses, although they do not exist naturally and are often created by a tinting process. At Star Roses, we pride ourselves on offering … Read more

Meaningful earth 

In the ever-evolving world of floral design, the “Meaningful Earth” trend has emerged as a celebration of nature’s raw beauty and the profound connection between humans and the environment. This trend is characterized by organic shapes, natural textures, and a palette that echoes the earth’s diverse landscapes. It’s about embracing imperfection and the unique stories … Read more

Ecuadorian roses vs regular roses

In the realm of floristry, Ecuadorian roses stand as a pinnacle of luxury and beauty, distinguishing themselves markedly from their counterparts. This distinction is not merely geographical; it’s rooted in a combination of climatic advantages, meticulous cultivation practices, and a legacy of excellence that sets these blooms apart. Understanding the differences between Ecuadorian roses and … Read more

Exclusive Elegance: Celebrating International Women’s Day with Star Roses’ Unique Bubble Spray Roses Collection

In our dynamic world of the rose industry, where excellence and innovation intertwine, Star Roses proudly presents its exclusive Bubble Spray Roses collection. As International Women’s Day approaches, a day that celebrates the myriad facets of women’s achievements, Star Roses offers a product that embodies this spirit of diversity and elegance: the Bubble Spray Roses, … Read more

Forget the same old red roses on Valentine’s Day: Unleash your creativity with StarRoses

In the realm of romance and affection, red roses have long been the quintessential symbol oflove. Their deep, velvety petals and rich, intoxicating aroma speak a universal language of passion and commitment. At Star Roses, we take immense pride in our exquisite array of redroses – each one a masterpiece of nature’s artistry. But as … Read more

Top 5 Rose Varieties for Valentine’s Day 2024

With Valentine’s Day soon approaching, at least for all of us who are in the rose business, we have prepared for you a list of the top 5 varieties that we think will blow up on this season of love.  We must start with the red rose varieties and Freedom is an iconic symbol of … Read more

Star Roses Cut Flowers – Growers Highlight

Beautiful, long-lasting roses of De Ruiter Ecuador are always a great option and they are grown in a sustainable way. A marvelous cooperation with this farm. At Star Roses, they strive every day not only to bring unique roses to their customer’s homes but also to experience in them the beauty of precious Ecuador. They are … Read more