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At Star Roses, environmental care and sustainability are a top priority, not only because of the importance of caring for our world and the lasting impact it will have in generations to come, but also because it goes hand in hand with the health and well-being of our employees, and partners.

Our environmental care program includes the following:

  • Use of organic products for fertilization, fumigation and soil preparation.
  • Utilization of medicinal plants to naturally treat and control pests/disease to mitigate chemical use.
  • On-site production of organic products.
  • Production and chemical waste management plan.
  • Soil care. Native flora and fauna preservation plan. Incentive for planting native plants in the green areas of the farm.

Labour conditions

Active employee participation 

We care and value our workers opinion about the company. Their input contributed to the creation of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy (CSR).

Financial incentives

Employees compensation plan includes performance-based bonuses payable monthly, quarterly and annually.


We provide consistent training to our jobholders. They are taught by experienced production management specialists who take charge of multiple areas in the company.

Community Services

Education & Healthcare

Star Roses provides constant training and medical review to the staff. We have a vaccination program and we have been working on several projects to improve the care of our employees such as meal plans.

And now the company provides constant rapid tests of Covid-19 to guarantee the health of our workers, in addition to providing personal bio-security equipment.

Use of green areas

Our company encourages our staff to establish communal gardens within the green areas of the farm for recreational purposes.

Social activities

On a normal status we organized various social activities to promote the engagement and development of our employees. Social activities include birthday celebrations, Christmas events, and field trips once a year.