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Top 5 Rose Varieties for Valentine’s Day 2024

With Valentine’s Day soon approaching, at least for all of us who are in the rose business, we have prepared for you a list of the top 5 varieties that we think will blow up on this season of love. 

  1. We must start with the red rose varieties and Freedom is an iconic symbol of love and passion, is a timeless choice for Valentine’s Day in 2024. Renowned for its vibrant, velvety red petals, this variety is a classic declaration of love and devotion. Its strong, long stems (ours reach 100 cm or 3.2 ft or more) and lush blossoms make it an ideal selection for elegant bouquets or stunning arrangements, creating a visual masterpiece that complements the depth of emotions it represents. 
  2. If you are looking for a different, less classic, red rose variety let us introduce Hearts. It is a stunning red rose that lives up to its name. Its ruffled petals form a heart shape in the center of the bloom, making it a unique and romantic choice for Valentine’s Day. This elegant variety has a great vase life. We produce them in our farm in Cotopaxi, Ecuador, where the high altitude and optimal climate produce roses of exceptional quality and beauty. If you want to impress your clients Hearts is the perfect option.
  3. For something fresh and unique that can stand out on its own our become part of mesmerizing arrangements for Valentine’s Day 2024, four roses of our garden collection stand out as vivid expressions of love and beauty. The Mandarin X-pression captivates with its tangerine-orange petals, displaying a slightly ruffled and passionate allure. In contrast, the Cotton X-pression whispers elegance and purity through its pristine, cup-shaped white blooms, embodying timeless grace. For a touch of lighthearted sweetness, the Candy X-pression is a delight, boasting delicate pink swirls reminiscent of spun sugar. Finally, the Sunset X-pression evokes the enchanting beauty of a twilight sky with its petals transitioning from warm yellows and orange to intense reds, unfolding like the wings of a butterfly. Each of these unique rose varieties offers a distinct way to express love, making them perfect choices for your Valentine’s Day arrangements.
  4. If you want to add a delightful burst of variety to your Valentine’s Day floral arrangements, we have three exquisite spray rose varieties for you: Hot Mojica, Bellalinda Pink, and Silver Mykado. The Hot Mojica spray rose brings a fiery, passionate touch with its striking hot pink hues. Bellalinda Pink offers a gentle and romantic charm, with its soft pink petals and delicate, multi-layered blooms that whisper of tender affection. In contrast, the Silver Mykado spray rose exudes sophistication, with its pastel lavender petals and intricate ruffled edges, reminiscent of shimmering moonlight. Together, these spray roses infuse your bouquets with a rich palette of emotions, from intense passion to sweet tenderness and elegant allure, ensuring a Valentine’s Day to remember. 
  5. For those seeking something truly unique and personalized, our specialized team at Star Roses is ready to craft custom-tinted roses that transcend conventional boundaries. With a blend of artistry and floricultural expertise, we can design bespoke rose varieties that cater to the distinct preferences of your clients. Whether it’s a specific color palette, a unique pattern, or an extraordinary combination of shades, we can transform your vision into a living masterpiece.

In this enchanting bouquet of roses, we’ve explored a kaleidoscope of emotions and expressions for Valentine’s Day 2024. From the classic declaration of love form red roses to more unique alternatives, each rose variety encapsulates the beautiful complexity of love. Whether your clients seek timeless romance, lighthearted sweetness, or a touch of sophistication, these roses offer endless possibilities to express their affection and create unforgettable moments with their loved ones on this special day. Contact us to buy them wholesale.