We love what we do and
we express it in every rose”

About us

At Star Roses we strive every day not only to bring unique roses to our customers homes, but also to experience in them the beauty of our precious Ecuador. They are characterized by their bright colors,
beauty, and majesty that make our country and our roses unique.

These factors are reflected in the bloom size,  deep colors, large foliage and long stems.



Star Roses was founded in 2007 with the ideal of the Negrete Ramos family to produce and export the best Ecuadorian roses. Our farm is located in the heart of the Cotopaxi province, a privileged place for the cultivation of the highest quality roses.
Various geographic factors such as the altitude of 3,100 meters above sea level, cold climate, sunshine and long production cycles allow us to reach an excellent quality which is reflected in the bloom size, deep colors, abundant foliage and long stems.
In addition to the above-mentioned natural factors, we count with the dedication and perseverance of our excellent team, known for being meticulous, innovative, and passionate about what they do.

Our team is always ready to face the challenges presented. The company currently has MORE THAN 40 HECTARES of roses in continuous production with 131 SUPER PREMIUM ROSE varieties and 40 spray rose varieties, which exceeds our customers highest expectations. This has been possible due to the strict soil and plant management with utilization of superior quality products and innovative cultivation techniques.

Star Roses has an anual variety renovation policy. We renew around 10% of our roses per year which allows us to be in constant development of new and trendy roses for the market.


To build a world of Trust, Fulfillment, Growth and Prosperity.


To be a global leader in the floricultural market in a sustainable way, maintaining the highest quality standards, walking hand-in-hand with our team and strategic partners.


RESPECT: To build an inclusive environment that values and encourages the individual diversity and contributions.

TRUST: To foster an honest and supportive attitude towards others.

LOYALTY: To promote fidelity and commitment to and from people, the organization and our values.

EQUALITY: To ensure equal rights for all members of the Star Roses family.

RESPONSIBILITY: To assume with maturity and professionalism the consequences of your own actions.

TRANSPARENCY: To bring clarity in all actions and to always do the right thing.

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